Archie Comics and the infamous beating off cover

Ok, what were they thinking? Sure, it was 1968 and some phrases might have meant something different than they do now. Naw, really, what were they thinking? Some comic books have fallen prey to the evolving meaning of certain words and phrases and the evidence lives on for all of us to see!

Our hero, Archie, sometimes has to do certain things to make sure his girls, yes for those of you who don’t know about Archie, he simultaneously dates two girls and they seem to be relatively ok with it. But I digress. Archie, sometimes has to rescue one or both of his girls who may fall prey to, lets say difficult situations. Archie will do just about anything to bail them out. Actually, let’s just say that Archie will do absolutely anything to bail them out. Don’t believe me? Well there is proof and it’s here in full color on the Archie Comics cover of “Betty And Me” #16.

Archie will do anything to rescue his girl Betty.

Archie will do anything to rescue his girl Betty.

There we go, even as far back as 1968, Archie shows he is a man of many talents. This cover is uncredited but I wish I knew who came up with the dialog so I could shake their hand…er maybe not…

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