Archie Comics was the last left in chage of the Comics Code!

So, in the end the Comics Code Authority faded out of existence.

Comics Code Authority

The stamp of the Comics Code Authority which ensure for almost 20 years that comic books were…not to go there…

What began in 1954, left without a whimper in 2011. Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Archie Comics were the last three to administer the code. In the end, Archie Comics was left as the last to turn out the lights. Of the three, Archie Comics never took liberties with the code:

Archie Comics and liberties with the code

What are those guys looking at anyway? Josie and her what?!?

Now, I’d never be one to suggest that Archie Comics took liberties with the code, especially not in 1970…hmmm? What were they thinking?


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