Vampirella Sad Wings Of Destiny By Joe Jusko master painter

Joe Jusko has given us many a comic cover to mull over for inclusion in the all-time favorite comic covers. Where Joe Jusko excels is in the mastery of paint. Whether it be with brush or virtual brush he is able to capture much in one image. He has worked many times with Vampirella giving him insight into the mind of this classic comic character and one of the original “Bad Girls” of comics. Case in point, with the 1996 release of Vampirella Sad Wings of Destiny (one-shot), Joe Jusko has given us one of the most realistic bust ever to grace a comic book cover:

Vampirella Sad Wings of Destiny (1996)

Joe Jusko’s masterful painting of Vampirella.

When I showed my daughter this comic cover (she’s not a comic fan), she was shocked at how realistic this was and how did painting end up on a cover of a comic book!

For a moment, let us gaze into the eyes of Vampirella. Be wary, the look of a vampire can draw you in and make you pliable to it’s whims and desires. Ok, now that is out of the way and you are on your guard, what do you notice? How ’bout, self-satisfaction, confidence, and that “I know something about you that you don’t know yourself” look. That’s just for starters. Notice the placement of the hands and you see thoughtful consideration about you as her next victim, or perhaps the thumb is getting ready to taste, not waste a bit of that nectar. Now look back in those eyes and you see sinister, calculating and desire to dominate.

Don’t you agree that Mr Joe Jusko is a master painter?

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