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volume 1issue # 4

published in 1973 by Marvel Comics

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genre(s): Fanzine

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writer(s):  Jim Steranko

penciller(s):  Jim Steranko, Marie Severin

cover artist(s):  Jack Kirby



Doctor Doom issue - 31 pages. Doom article and game. This issue features several new Steranko illustrations, plus a one-page text mystery story. One-page report on an independently-produced Spider-Man movie. Marie Severin self-portrait. Steranko bio. Letter to the editor from comic writer Ralph Macchio. Fan illustration by Doug Hazelwood. Steranko's final issue. Jack Kirby cover. FOOM was Marvel Comics' self-produced fan magazine of the mid-1970s, following the canceled Marvelmania and preceding Marvel Age. Running 22 quarterly issues (Feb. 1973 - Fall 1978), it was initially designed and edited by celebrated comic book writer-artist Jim Steranko. FOOM, though spelled without periods in both indicia and cover treatments, is an acronym for "Friends of Ol' Marvel".