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Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe

volume 2issue # 20

published in 1988 by Marvel Comics

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genre(s): Super-Hero

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writer(s):  Peter Sanderson, Mark Gruenwald

penciller(s):  John Byrne, Sal Buscema
Rob Liefeld, Kevin Nowlan
Kieron Dwyer, Ron Lim
Joe Jusko, Kerry Gammill
Allen Milgrom, Paul Ryan
Mike Zeck, Tom Morgan
Jerry Ordway, Bill Sienkiewicz
Jim Starlin, Dave Cockrum
Bill Reinhold, Bob Hall
John Severin, Mark Chiarello
Carl Potts, Dennis Jensen
Mike Machlan, Stan Drake

cover artist(s):  Keith Pollard



Last issue. Wraparound cover. Profiles and artwork of Marvel characters.