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Walt Disney's Comics and Stories

volume 1issue # 137

published in 1952 by Dell Comics

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genre(s): Duck

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writer(s):  Carl Barks, Bob Karp
Bill Walsh

penciller(s):  Carl Barks, Al Hubbard
Gil Turner, Al Taliaferro
Manuel Gonzales, Frank McSavage

cover artist(s):  Carl Barks

character(s):  Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse


DOnald DUck in a 1 page story by Bob Karp and Al Taliaferro. Donald Duck in an untitled story, 10 pages, story and art by Carl Barks. "L'il Bad Wolf" 6 pages, art by Gil Turner. "Grandma Duck" 5 pages, art by Frank McSavage. Thumper in "The Magic Spring" 2 pages, Book text with panel art by Al Hubbard. Mickey Mouse i a 1 page story by Bill Walsh and Manuel Gonzales. Mickey Mouse in "The Shattered Glass Mystery" 6 pages, credits unkown. Plus 5 short stories, each a half page by Bob Karp and all art by Al Taliaferro.