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Walt Disney's Comics and Stories

volume 1issue # 152

published in 1953 by Dell Comics

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genre(s): Duck

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writer(s):  Carl Barks, Don Christensen
Bob Karp, Carl Fallberg
Bill Walsh

penciller(s):  Carl Barks, Paul Murry
Gil Turner, Al Taliaferro
Manuel Gonzales, Frank McSavage
Lee Hooper

cover artist(s):  Carl Barks

character(s):  Donald Duck, Goofy
Mickey Mouse


Donald Duck in "The Talking Dog" 10 pages, story and art by Carl Barks. "L'il Bad Wolf" 8 pages, art by Gil Turner. "Pluto"6 pages, story by Don Christensen, art by Paul Murry. "Little Hiawatha" 6 pages, art by Lee Hooper. Five half page Donald Duck stories by Bob Karp and Al Taliaferro. "Thumper's Easter Poem" Typeset text with one art panel by Paul Murry. Two "Mickey Mouse" stories, each 1 page, stories by Bill Walsh, art by Manuel Gonzales. "Grandma Duck" 2 pages, art by Frank McSavage. Mickey Mouse in "The Last Resort" 8 pages, atory by Carl Fallberg art by Paul Murry.