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Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge

volume 1issue # 227

published in 1988 by Gladstone Publishing Ltd

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genre(s): Disney, Duck

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writer(s):  Garry Leach, Carl Barks
Jan Kruse, William Van Horn
Geoffrey Blum, Dwight Decker
Bob Foster, Jim Kenner
Dave Angus

penciller(s):  Carl Barks, Don Rosa
William Van Horn, Frank Smith
Victor Arrigada Rios, Rob Phielix

cover artist(s):  Daniel Branca

character(s):  Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge
Gyro Gearloose, Huey Dewey and Louie


"As You Hike It" "Fiscal Fitness" "Ruling the Roost" "Dime Collector" "An Expert Opinion" "The Reminder Hat" "A Hole in Ones"