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Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge

volume 1issue # 354

published in 2006 by Gemstone Publishing

cover price: $6.95condition: NM

genre(s): Disney, Duck

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writer(s):  Don Rosa, Kari Korhonen
Janet Gilbert, Miguel Pujol

penciller(s):  Don Rosa, Jose Massaroli
Miguel Pujol, Bas Heymans
Jose Maria Manrique

cover artist(s):  Don Rosa

character(s):  Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge
Gyro Gearloose


Includes 5 stories: Uncle Scrooge in "The Black Knight Glorps Again!" Magica de Spell in "Sorceress' Apprentices" Uncle Scrooge in "No Thanks For the Memories". Gyro Gearloose in "Generous To A Fault". Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge in "Passport To Lisbon".