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Woody Woodpecker's Back To School (Dell Giant)

volume 1issue # 4

published in 1955 by Dell Comics

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genre(s): Kids, Funny Animals

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cover artist(s): 

character(s):  Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy
Oswald Rabbit, Homer Pigeon
Charlie Chicken


This issue is missing 3 pages (6 pages of art/story) in total. This 100 page Dell Giant includes the following stories: Woody Woodpecker in "The Haunted Schoolhouse", Charlie Chicken and Sugarfoot in "Play-Acting Problems", Buzz Buzzard in "The Wise-Apples, Woody Woodpecker in "School Transportation", Woody Woodpecker in "Fighting again at school, eh, Knothead?", Homer Pigeon in "The Fabulous Footballer", Oswald Rabbit in "The Mysterious Pirate", "Cuddles (11 pages)", Chilly Willy in "The Little Frozen Schoolhouse", Knothead and Splinter in "I wish Woody would stop walking around!", Knothead & Splinter in "I guess all kids love swings!".