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World's Finest Comics

volume 1issue # 188

published in 1969 by DC Comics

cover price: $0.25condition: VF

genre(s): Super-Hero

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writer(s):  Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger
Robert Bernstein, Ed (France) Herron

penciller(s):  Jim Mooney, Lee Elias
Dick Sprang

cover artist(s):  Curt Swan

character(s):  Batman, Superman
Green Arrow, Joker
Robin, Lex Luthor
Batwoman, Speedy
Negative Superman


This issue is in NM condition, but when I bought it from the newstand when I was 14, I never noticed the horrible factory printer mis-cut. Nothing esential is cut out but I've rated it as VF, due to the factory mis-cut. 68 pages - 5 stories.