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Art Of Vampirella Hard Cover #HC1

volume 1issue # HC1

published in 2011 by Dynamite Entertainment

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genre(s): Art Book

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writer(s):  Dave Barzi

penciller(s):  Amanda Conner, Joe Quesada
Mark Texeira, J Scott Campbell
Joe Jusko, Jae Lee
Mike Mignola, Michael Golden
Arthur Suydam, Adam Hughes
Michael Mayhew, Bruce Timm
Dan Brereton, Jose Gonzalez
Jim Silke, Dave Stevens

cover artist(s):  Dave Stevens

character(s):  Vampirella


For over 40 years Vampirella has been the muse for many artists in the comic industry and even beyond. Dynamite Entertainment brings forth a veritable museum of fine art masterpieces collected in a 216 page hardcover volume! This tome contains a retrospective of artists who have contributed the most memorable imagery of Vampirella with such names as Jose Gonzalez, Adam Hughes, Dave Stevens, Jim Silke, Jae Lee, Joe Jusko, Amanda Conner, Mark Texeira, Mike Mignola, Mike Mayhew, Joe Quesada, Bruce Timm, Arthur Suydam, Dan Brereton, Michael Golden, J. Scott Campbell and many more. Featuring a spectacular cover by the Dave Stevens! Measures 9 x 12 inches.

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