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Civil War II #5

volume 1issue # 5

published in 2016 by Marvel Comics

cover price: $4.99condition: NM

genre(s): Super-Hero

This issue is a variant of the regular printing. Variants are usually limited to less than 2000 copies worldwide.

Only printed in a ratio of 1in10 of the regular cover
Certain variants are officially named or are nicknamed. This is the "Black Panther" cover.

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writer(s):  Michael Brian Bendis

penciller(s):  David Marquez, Sean Izaakse

cover artist(s):  Phil Noto

character(s):  Spider-Man, Captain America
Thing, Avengers
X-Men, Daredevil
Inhumans, Beast
Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy
Venom, Kitty Pryde
Alpha Flight, Dr Strange
Human Torch, Hawkeye
Ultimates, Ant-Man
Luke Cage, Star-Lord
SHIELD, Rocket Raccoon
Drax The Destroyer, Gamora