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Digimon Vintage St 1999 Trading Cards #

series 1

published in 1999 by Bandai

condition: EX

width: 2.5height: 3.5

product type: Random Set

category: Non-Sport

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This listing is for 52 rare vintage Digimon St cards. 9 cards from the group of 52 are shown in the image including 3 holo cards. The cards included are: St-01,St-02,St-03,St-04,St-09,St-10,St-11,St-13,St-14,St-15,St-16,St-17,St-18,St-19,St-20,St-22,St-23,St-24,St-25,St-26,St-27,St-29,St-30,St-31,St-34(holo),St-35,St-36,St-37,St-38,St-39,St-40,St-41,St-42,St-43,St-44,St-45,St-45S(holo),St-46,St-47,St-48,St-49,St-50,St-51,St-52,St-53,St-54,St-55,St-56(holo),St-57,St-58,St-60,St-61