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Fantastic Four #236

volume 1issue # 236

published in 1981 by Marvel Comics

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genre(s): Super-Hero

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writer(s):  John Byrne, Stan Lee

penciller(s):  Jack Kirby, John Byrne
Allen Milgrom, Joe Sinnott
Pablos Marcos, Dick Ayers
Chic Stone, George Roussos
Frank Giacoia, Vince Colletta
Sol Brodsky

cover artist(s):  John Byrne

character(s):  Fantastic Four, Dr Doom
Puppet Master, Herbie The Robot


Includes an adaptation of a cartoon script by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (with a cast of art finishers!). Also includes a new 40 page story by Byrne. Stan Lee appears on the cover! Can you find him?

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