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Mad #218

volume 1issue # 218

published in 1980 by EC Publications

cover price: $0.85condition: VG

genre(s): Satire, Parody

This issue is a variant of the regular printing. Variants are usually limited to less than 2000 copies worldwide.

Canadian Newstand variant edition
Price Variant variant edition

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writer(s):  Sergio Aragones, Barry Liebmann
Al Jaffee, Arnie Kogen
Dave Berg, Don Martin
Antonio Prohias, Larry Siegel
Dick DeBartolo, Stan Hart
Tom Koch, Paul Peter Porges
Don Edwing

penciller(s):  Sergio Aragones, Angelo Torres
Jack Davis, Mort Drucker
Al Jaffee, Dave Berg
Don Martin, Antonio Prohias
Bob Clarke, Paul Coker Jr
Paul Peter Porges, Harry North

cover artist(s):  Norman Mingo



This is the rare Canadian price variant, printed in a fraction of quantities to the regular 75 cent cover.