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Mad #239

volume 1issue # 239

published in 1983 by EC Publications

cover price: $1.25condition: F

genre(s): Satire, Parody

This issue is a variant of the regular printing. Variants are usually limited to less than 2000 copies worldwide.

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Canadian Newstand variant edition

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writer(s):  Sergio Aragones, Al Jaffee
Paul Laikin, Dave Berg
Don Martin, Antonio Prohias
Frank Jacobs, Larry Siegel
Dick DeBartolo, Stan Hart
Lou Silverstone, Paul Peter Porges
Don Edwing, Dennis Snee
John Ficarra, Billy Doherty

penciller(s):  Sergio Aragones, Angelo Torres
Jack Davis, Mort Drucker
Al Jaffee, Jack Rickard
George Woodbridge, Dave Berg
Don Martin, Antonio Prohias
Bob Clarke, Paul Coker Jr
Paul Peter Porges, Don Edwing

cover artist(s):  Jack Rickard



This is the Canadian price variant, printed in a fraction of the quantity of the US version priced at $1.00