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Monsters And Dames #2009

volume 1issue # 2009

published in 2009 by Emeral City Comicon

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genre(s): Art Book

This issue is a variant of the regular printing. Variants are usually limited to less than 2000 copies worldwide.

Only 850 copies of this variant exist worldwide

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penciller(s):  Brandon Peterson, Gene Ha
Amanda Conner, Stuart Immonen
Joe Jusko, Georges Jeanty
Mark Brooks, Bernard Chang
Steven Lieber, Tommy Lee Edwards
Tony Harris, Dustin Nguyen
David Mack, Dave Johnson
Howard Chaykin, Bruce Timm
David Hahn, Ben Templesmith
Jim Mahfood, Dustin Weaver

cover artist(s):  Frank Cho



Exclusive to the Seattle Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) Limited to 850 numbered copies, this book is a full-color, 46 page, 9"x12" hardcover art book featuring contributions from guests and artists of the 2009 Emerald City Comicon. The idea of this beautiful hardcover was to bring it to the 48 artists who each contributed a new piece of artwork for this charity project. This book is signed by 40 of the artists contributing. This is a truly unique item, with signatures by Dave Johnson, Ben Templesmith, Brandon Peterson, Bruce Timm, David Mack, Dustin Nguyen, Dustin Weaver, Joe Jusko, Stuart Immonen, Howard Chaykin, Tony Harris, Tommy Lee Edwards, Mark Brooks, Jim Mahfood, Amanda Conner, David Hahn, Steve Lieber, Bernard Chang, Gen Ha, Georges jeanty, and many many more!

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