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Origins Of Siege #1

volume 1issue # 1

published in 2010 by Marvel Comics

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genre(s): Super-Hero

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writer(s):  Michael Brian Bendis, Fred Van Lente

penciller(s):  John Romita Jr, Salvador Larroca
Mike Deodato Jr, Kyle Hotz
Steve Epting, Mike Perkins
Essad Ribic, Olivier Coipel
Dale Eaglesham, Trevor Hairsine
Michael Choi, Giuseppe Camuncoli
Travel Foreman, Lucio Parrillo

cover artist(s):  Olivier Coipel

character(s):  Spider-Man, Fantastic Four
Captain America, Captain Marvel
Wolverine, Thor
Magneto, Iron Man
Iron Fist, Sentry (The)
Ms Marvel, Dr Doom
Loki, Hawkeye
Green Goblin, Red Skull
Luke Cage, Mr Fantastic
HYDRA, Hood (The)
Dark Avengers, Baron Strucker


This issue was originally released as a promotional item but also includes an all-original story by Bendis & Parrillo "Siege Prologue"! Plus 12 pages of origins!