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Slop Analecta #GN1

volume 1issue # GN1

published in 2005 by Image Comics

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writer(s):  Dave Crosland, Debbie

penciller(s):  Dave Crosland, Debbie

cover artist(s):  Dave Crosland, Debbie



144 pages! This digest-sized volume is a collection of short stories from underground kingpin Dave Crosland and His Partner In Crime, Debbie. The book culls the best stories from the five-year run of their out-of-print mini-comic, Slop, including the Zine Yearbook Award-winning "Patience Gets You Nowhere, Tolerance Gets You Hurt." It also contains original pinups and rare sketchbook from Dave and Debbie's art book, Acid Bomb, monthly "Slop" comic strips that appeared on, and all sorts of never-before-seen doodles and goodies.