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Woody Woodpecker's Back To School (Dell Giant) #3

volume 1issue # 3

published in 1954 by Dell Comics

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genre(s): Kids, Funny Animals

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cover artist(s): 

character(s):  Woody Woodpecker, Oswald Rabbit
Homer Pigeon, Charlie Chicken
Buzz Buzzard, Sugarfoot
Andy Panda


This 100 page Dell Giant includes the following stories: Woody Woodpecker in "What a way to make a living!", Andy Panda in "This ancient castle was built...", Woody Woodpecker in "Scram, you kibitzers!", Sugarfoot in "Once upon a time there was a horse named Sugarfoot...", Oswald Rabbit in "We just enrolled for the new school term...", Woody Woodpecker in "Why don't you go see a dentist...", Homer Pigeon in "Goodness! There ought to be a law...", 2 Andy Panda 1 pagers, Charlie Chicken in "A chicken on a farm can sure get into a rut!", Woody Woodpecker in "Remember, Woody!", Woody Woodpecker in "Step right up, gents!", Knothead & Splinter in "Look, Splinter!", Buzz Buzzard in "Shut that blamed thing off!", 2 Woody Woodpecker 1 pagers.