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Yogi Bear #4

volume 1issue # 4

published in 1961 by Dell Comics

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genre(s): Cartoon, Funny Animals

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penciller(s):  Harvey Eisenberg, Pete Alvarado
Kay Wright

cover artist(s):  Harvey Eisenberg

character(s):  Yogi Bear, Snagglepuss
Yakky Doodle


The title "Yogi Bear" begins with this issue #4. The previous Four Color issues (Dell) #1067, 1104, and 1162 count as #1-3. This issue includes the following short stories: "Beach Boy", "The Honey Hassle", Yakky Doodle in "Itty Bitty Bodyguard", "The Fish Fry Guy", "Bing Bong Bear", Snagglepuss in "The Book Bungler", "Bear To Bear", "Learning The Language", "Bringing Up Boo Boo", "The Average Bee", "Food For Thought".