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Zero Hour Crisis In Time #2

volume 1issue # 2

published in 1994 by DC Comics

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genre(s): Super-Hero

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writer(s):  Dan Jurgens

penciller(s):  Dan Jurgens

cover artist(s):  Dan Jurgens

character(s):  Batman, Superman
Batgirl, Green Lantern
Impulse, Flash
Spectre, Nightwing
Mirage, Superboy
Atom, Starman
Supergirl, JSA
Wonder Woman, Robin
Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad
Saturn Girl, Dr Mid-Night
Hawkman, Martian Manhunter
Captain Atom, Red Tornado
Power Girl, Sandman
Booster Gold, Metamorpho
Despero, Parallax
Shazam (original Captain Marvel), Wildcat
Ray (The), Hourman
Darkstar, Geo-Force
Amazing Man


This series is published in reverse order, beginning with issue #4 and ending with issue #0.