About Cyber Comics and Toys

Cyber Comics and Toys has been operating since 1996 on a small scale. With the launch of the new www.cybercomicsandtoys.com we now have a fully searchable database of comic related items.

As of today, 9,500 unique items are in the database. You can search by:

  • Character
  • title
  • writer
  • artist

New items are added at a minimum of once per week and often 2-3 times per week. Cyber Comics and Toys has over 50,000 items in inventory and the goal is to list them all. The focus is certainly on comics and the characters appearing in the various comics universes (e.g. DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, etc). Action figures of comic characters are fully searchable as well.

Shipping: We will ship anywhere in the world. North America is our largest market but in the past items have been shipped to over 60 countries. Items for delivery to the USA are shipped from Washington State. For buyers from Canada, items are shipped from Canada. So no Customs hassles for you!

Most of all, we hope you enjoy browsing the site and all of it’s images of some great products. There are items you will want to purchase…trust me!


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