Avengers Age Of Ultron – 1st official teaser released

With the blockbuster success of the first Avengers motion picture, it will be a challenge for director Joss Whedon to improve upon that success. Even maintaining that level may even be seen as a victory as so many follow-up films fail to recapture the magic of what was all-new with the first.

However, with hundreds of Avengers Comics, comes a bit of a history lesson on how to keep things rolling, once the new “sheen” rubs off, but one must have taken the time to learn how to pull that together. Joss Whedon is at the very least, not only a student of the comic book medium, he’s written more than just his fair share.

Marvel Studios, once they learned of a leak of teaser, released their official 1st teaser of the May 2015 film, and it is a true teaser, leaving most all of what’s going on and why to your imagination. Ultron comes to play in this film and is a long time character in the Avengers and Marvel Comics universe. All our favorite characters are back along with some new additions. Have a look and enjoy!

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