Bat Lash #2 by Nick Cardy: All-time favorite comic covers

Nick Cardy (1920-2013) had a long association with comic books beginning in the 1940s and for a time worked with Will Eisner. He took a break to serve in World War II as a tank driver, receiving two purple hearts. He came back to comics and in 1950 began a long career with DC comics. Many of his comic covers were memorable including an amazing run of Aquaman covers which I remember very well. The covers alone enticed me to purchase every Aquaman Comic issue and I’m sure contributed to the character’s rejuvenation for the run.

Like anyone who saw action in war, the memories must have inspired many of his drawings. Even though I may add some of his Aquaman covers to the list of all time favorite comic book covers Nick Cardy’s cover to Bat Lash #2 is my favorite.

Published in 1969, near the end of the Silver Age of Comics, check this cover out. You can feel the tension, hear the the cold icy wind and hear the crunch of snow beneath moccasin covered feet. The searchers move along with grim determination. I can’t help but think that Nick Cardy experienced this type of life and death tension during his time in the combat. He captures it with raw emotion.

A classic comic book cover by a classy comic artist:

Bat Lash #2

Bat Lash #2 by Nick Cardy 1969. All time favorite comic book covers.


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