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A place to find up-coming movie trailers based on comic characters and action figure toy lines.

Avengers Age Of Ultron – 1st official teaser released

With the blockbuster success of the first Avengers motion picture, it will be a challenge for director Joss Whedon to improve upon that success. Even maintaining that level may even be seen as a victory as so many follow-up films fail to recapture the magic of what was all-new with the first.

However, with hundreds of Avengers Comics, comes a bit of a history lesson on how to keep things rolling, once the new “sheen” rubs off, but one must have taken the time to learn how to pull that together. Joss Whedon is at the very least, not only a student of the comic book medium, he’s written more than just his fair share.

Marvel Studios, once they learned of a leak of teaser, released their official 1st teaser of the May 2015 film, and it is a true teaser, leaving most all of what’s going on and why to your imagination. Ultron comes to play in this film and is a long time character in the Avengers and Marvel Comics universe. All our favorite characters are back along with some new additions. Have a look and enjoy!

Star Wars Rebels to debut on Disney TV!

Disney has released an extended trailer for their upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated TV series to appear on Disney XD. This series takes place in the timeline in between “Revenge Of The Sith” and “A New Hope”. It will premiere in October with a one hour launch on the Disney channel. Check it out!

No doubt this will spawn a whole new series of Star Wars comics!

The Flash upcoming new TV show behind the scenes

The DC Comics property machine is in full swing with movie announcements, the “Gotham” TV series on the horizon and bursting out of the pages of his comic book here comes “The Flash“. DC Comics has a ways to go to catch up to Marvel Studios but, the success of “Arrow” has given them the momentum and credibility they need. If they work with character development, story line and innovative special effects, this might work.

Here is a look behind the scenes the pilot for “The Flash” to be aired on October 7th on CWTV.

Super-Hero(ish) Summer movies – Get Ready (part 2)

Summertime 2014 has superhero movies heating up the box-office. Here is Part 2:

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Opens July 11th: Another Planet of the Apes movie? Well ok, let’s not immediately dismiss this one as at least Andy Serkis (a.k.a. Golum) has a major part and Rise of the Planet of the Apes was kinda decent. Yes, expectations were pretty low. We’ll see what director Matt Reeves can weave with this one. Continue reading

Super-Hero(ish) Summer movies – Get Ready

It’s almost summer and that means movie time and lots of them! The super-hero movie is about to dominate 2014’s blockbuster releases. Here we go with part 1!

Opens May 16th: It’s hard to believe that Godzilla has been with us in film for 60 years! The big lizard never takes kindly to other giant monsters running havoc over his/her personal wrecking ground…plant Earth! Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie trailer – the latest

Ok, here is another one of those WOW trailers. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be hitting the cinemas this summer and this trailer should draw action movie fans in big numbers. Lets see if you don’t get revved up over this one!

By the way, if you are looking for comics where Spider-Man appears, here are a bunch!

Spider-Man comics

Here is the latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2