Conan #24 by Barry Windsor-Smith

Barry Windsor-Smith sketched some of the most memorable artwork in comics history. His first full comic work was Marvel Comic’s X-Men #53 in 1969. He seemed to be a Jack Kirby clone in the beginning. But, when Roy Thomas offered him the job of artist for the comic book adaptation for Robert E Howard’s Conan The Barbarian, comic book artwork bumped up several notches.

His artwork grew considerably throughout his Conan run and his own style of soft imagery contrasting with the savageness of the barbarian universe was like nothing comic readers had seen before. The amount of detail packed into his early 1970s pages had only been equaled by the great Wally Wood in the 1950s.

A favorite Barry Windsor-Smith covers is Conan The Barbarian #24. Simply, Conan and Red Sonja, start a bar fight!

Conan The Barbarian #24

The detail weaved into this action scene is…well impressive!

It seems that Smith’s career was short lived as his star shone bright in the early 1970’s, but became quickly disillusioned over creative control and he left comics for the first time in 1972. He returned with short stints at Valiant and Malibu, Marvel and Dark Horse. The real magic was created with Conan.

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