Famous Funnies #214 Lets start with a bang!

Let’s face it, a good comic cover has the ability to sell all by itself. Many artists are assigned exclusively to covers when they break into the industry so they are trying to make an impression. And sometimes…do they ever! In my 50 years of collecting, I have bought many a comic just for the quality of its cover, and often what’s inside doesn’t measure up. But, that doesn’t matter, I can still admire the cover.

So every week or so, I will post one of my all time favorite covers. As well, I’ll post an interesting cover due to historical reasons or a cover that pulls at some strings one way or another. Comments, discussions and other suggestions for classic covers are most welcome!

I’m going to start this blog category off with a bang! Here is a comic cover that is in the top 5 of my all time favorites!

Famous Funnies was published by Eastern Color beginning in 1934 with the first issues reprinting newspaper comic strips. Famous Funnies became the first comic book to publish monthly. It’s run ended 21 years later in July 0f 1955 with issue #218. Near the end of the publishing run there were some fabulous covers.

In November of 1954, Famous Funnies #214 was published with this classic Frank Frazetta Buck Rogers cover. I’m sure nothing inside the comic could hope to match this!

Famous Funnies #214 published in 1954

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