Guardians of the Galaxy – mini movie review

by Hal Hickey

Three weeks into its 1st run, I checked this one out in 3D IMAX. Spoiler alert, I may give away some of the character relationships in this short review, but not the plot.

First of all, the sound track is a hit. From the trailer, I’m sure everyone viewed, with Blue Suede’s 1974 Hooked on a Feeling, to other random 70’s-80s music, this was a case where the old rock songs fit the mood. The 3D, well no gimmicks here, just made it seem more real, perfect! The trailers and teasers gave away nothing!

The film began so abruptly, I thought I was actually watching a preview for another upcoming movie. That was a fun surprise. Character development was initially weak with some of what makes them tick explored along the way. The biggest gap with the most unfulfilled potential was Gamora played by Zoe Saldana, this time green skinned instead of blue. Her motivations and background were MIA and hopefully a future director’s cut will include some of that. Also, her character had great potential to remain a mystery, as far as her alliances were concerned. All that potential was given up for, what felt like a confusingly simple attachment to a rag tag bunch. It would have been best if we were held in suspense with her alliances for at least 75% of the film.

Rocket Raccoon easily stole his scenes in the first half of the film, but The Groot took over the scene stealing role in the last half. While Rocket was a masterful bit of direction and special effects, Groot was full of surprises on many levels. This duo constantly seemed to take you out of the movie and into their own space. Well done!

There was an unexpected entertaining performance by Michael Rooker as Yondu. You just didn’t know what would amuse him or piss him off. He also dropped one major hint, which was easy to miss.

Easter eggs? Well the film was just to entertaining and fast paced to look for them the first time through, That will be something for second and third viewings.

This is a Marvel Studios superhero movie with characters that didn’t necessarily have super powers, and wasn’t tied down by “Earth norms”. Guardians of the Galaxy was a fun 2 hour escape from reality.

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