Punisher P.O.V. #2 by Bernie Wrightson

In this edition of all time favorite comic book covers is a painted cover by the master of the horror genre, Bernie Wrightson. He was noticed early in his comic career by horror fans when he contributed the last two covers for Marvel Comics series Chamber of Darkness and Tower of Shadows in 1970. A year later he co-created Swamp Thing, a character that has been a continuing second tier force in the DC Universe. It was here that his flowing style really caught my attention. I always saw a  lot of Frank Frazetta influence in those early Swamp Thing days.

Here we have Bernie Wrightson’s painted work from 1991 Marvel Comics Punisher P.O.V. #2. You can see the influence of his horror work in the flowing garments of the mystery character about to strike a nasty blow in the general direction of our favorite comic book hunter. The cityscape below is a lesson in scale!

Favorite Comic book cover.

Bernie Wrightson’s painted cover to Punihser POV #2…superb!

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