Robert Kirkman’s Outcast has moved into TV series pre-production

Robert Kirkman‘s The Walking Dead has been a steam roller of popularity, perhaps the most successful marriage between the comic book and television mediums. Kirkman’s newest comic series “Outcast”, penciled by Paul Azaceta sold through issue #1 last month with great anticipation of another hit, and perhaps another good investment in comics! Outcast will not be about zombies and will instead focus on Demons!

Kirkman has written the Outcast pilot for Cinemax and will serve as executive producer, as he has for AMC’s The Walking Dead. It is quite incredible that what started with creators at Image Comics in the early 1990’s moving to have control and creator rights over their characters, has evolved to this. A comic book creator, selling the rights to his/her creation to a studio and, keeping creative control over the production to boot!

The original creators of Image Comics should take a well deserved bow for being the pioneers that lead to this.

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