Sunny: America’s Sweetheart #11 by Al Feldstein 1947

It was a toss-up for this cover. It is definitely one of my all-time favorites, but it could also fits into the “What Were They Thinking” category. Let’s go back to 1947, before the Comics Code Authority (CCA) was established to censor just about everything interesting in comic books. Horror, sex and violence were more commonplace on comic covers in the late 1940’s than what we see today. Ok, well you got me there, we’ll just say what were considered sexual images back in 1947.

Most North Americans didn’t have a television and had never witnessed a figure skating competition. From newsreel photos I’ve seen of the day, nobody wore skimpy outfits that might show a piece of skin beyond face, neck and hands. Enter Al Feldstein, always one to draw futuristic scenes on comic covers, which he became famous for. Well, Mr Feldstein must also have had an idea about figure skaters 50 years in the future! He gave us this cover:

Sunny America's Sweetheart #11

Check out her male suitor, he is even embarrassed by the…view!

Ok, not to be crude, but just who is propositioning who in this comic book cover? Some pre-code comic book collectors tell us that this comic cover has two points of interest…

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