Superman had long hair – What were they thinking?

After the death of Superman series of events, he of course came back. This major comic event brought renewed interest in the Superman franchise and the editorial group and creative team were scratching their heads trying to figure out some way of making Superman well…cool. While the new guys in the room were jumping up and down with, “I know, I know…how about some interesting stories?”, the decision was made to give him…long hair! I mean…what were they thinking?

This was the solution to coolness, lets have Superman come back literally sprouting long hair. He will fit in with all the other cool long hair types. So in the fall of 1993, we had Superman all of a sudden with long hair. Here is an example!

Superman with long hair

The long locks on Superman, look pretty silly now don’t they?

This experiment with long hair lasted 3 years, almost to the day. I’m pretty sure the artists of the day, railed against drawing Superman with long hair, so in protest some of the worst Superman covers followed.

I’ll call these “Hair Protest” covers, and here is an example!

Superman's hair is trying to explode off his head!

One of several “hair protest” covers!

By January 1997, Superman’s hair suddenly returned to normal. He must have found some Kryptonite shears!

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