Uncle Scrooge #1 by Carl Barks master storyteller

This edition of all time favorite comic book covers features my favorite comic storyteller, Carl Barks. I could write volumes on what Carl Barks brought to comics, but instead I will simply say that Mr Barks brought me great joy in experiencing many of his adventurous and humorous stories weaved through time and history. All in the relatively simple medium of the comic book pages.

One of Carl Barks most endearing creations was Scrooge McDuck, that’s Uncle Scrooge to his nephew Donald Duck. Scrooge first appeared in 1947’s Four Color Comics #178 in a story titled “Christmas on Bear Mountain”. His initial role was merely to be the antagonist to the star, Donald Duck. The Scrooge McDuck character became so popular, eventually he was granted his own title “Uncle Scrooge” in 1952’s Four Color Comics #386.

Uncle Scrooge #1 by Carl Barks

Four Color Comics #386 Uncle Scrooge in “Only A Poor Old Man” by Carl Barks.

This cover is a classic Carl Barks, combining the themes that followed through all of the stories with the Duck family. Uncle Scrooge is completely obsessed with his money, Donald is forced to do all of the grunt work, while Donald’s nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, are up to mischief. In one image, the first ever Uncle Scrooge cover, Mr Barks has captured over 60 years of the Disney Ducks magical formula.

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