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Dark Horse Presents #100-4

volume 1issue # 100-4

published in 1995 by Dark Horse Comics

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genre(s): Science Fiction

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writer(s):  Ed Brubaker, Rick Geary
Frank Miller, Chris Warner
Harvey Pekar, Ellen Forney
Julie Batersby

penciller(s):  Dave Gibbons, Rick Geary
Chris Warner, Pat McEown
Joe Sacco, Ellen Forney

cover artist(s):  Dave Gibbons



This 100th issue is acctually sub numbered into a cseries of five issues. This is #4 of 5. Seven short stories: Martha Washington: Attack of the Flesh-Eating Monsters, The Night Tom Waits Poured Me a Bourbon on the Rocks, The Symphony of Daily Nourishment, Oh My Goodness!, Black Cross, Mean Mr Applehead: Violence Is Golden, Bird Dog.