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Final Crisis #1

volume 1issue # 1

published in 2008 by DC Comics

cover price: $3.99condition: NM

genre(s): Super-Hero

This issue is a variant of the regular printing. Variants are usually limited to less than 2000 copies worldwide.

Certain variants are officially named or are nicknamed. This is the "Cave Drawing" cover.

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writer(s):  Grant Morrison

penciller(s):  JG Jones

cover artist(s):  JG Jones

character(s):  JLA, Green Arrow
Poison Ivy, Lex Luthor
Kamandi, Mirror Master
Captain Cold, Green Lantern Corps
Guardians of the Universe, Anthro
Orion, Dr Light
Ocean Master, Gorilla Grodd
Alpha-Lantern Corps, League Of Titans


44 pages!

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