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Infinity War #6

volume 1issue # 6

published in 2016 by Marvel Comics

cover price: $2.50condition: NM

genre(s): Super-Hero

This issue is a variant of the regular printing. Variants are usually limited to less than 2000 copies worldwide.

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writer(s):  Jim Starlin

penciller(s):  Ron Lim

cover artist(s):  Ron Lim

character(s):  Fantastic Four, Wolverine
Hulk, Avengers
X-Men, Wonder Man
X-Factor, She-Hulk
Vision, Silver Surfer
Alpha Flight, Adam Warlock
Dr Strange, Dr Doom
Nova, Sasquatch
Thanos, Galactus
Colossus, Watcher
Psylocke, Magus
New Warriors, Black Knight
Avengers West Coast, Infinity Watch
Drax The Destroyer, Guardian
Quasar, Infinity


Includes a tri-gatefold cover! One 40 page story.

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