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King-Size Hulk #1

volume 1issue # 1

published in 2008 by Marvel Comics

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genre(s): Super-Hero

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writer(s):  Jeph Loeb, Len Wein
Roy Thomas

penciller(s):  John Romita, Ed McGuiness
Art Adams, John Buscema
Herb Trimpe, Olivier Coipel
Frank Cho

cover artist(s):  Frank Cho

character(s):  Wolverine, Hulk
Thor, Avengers
Iron Man, She-Hulk
Black Widow, Medusa
Red Hulk, Masters of Evil
Wendigo, Enchantress
Maria Hill, Abomination


104 pages! Reprints The Incredible Hulk #180, #181, The Avengers #63,

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