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Marvel Visionaries John Buscema #HC1

volume 1issue # HC1

published in 2006 by Marvel Comics

cover price: $34.99condition: NM

genre(s): Super-Hero, Fantasy, Horror

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writer(s):  Jack Kirby, Marv Wolfman
Roger Stern, Chris Claremont
Stan Lee, Len Wein
Roy Thomas

penciller(s):  John Buscema, Joe Sinnott

cover artist(s):  John Buscema

character(s):  Fantastic Four, Wolverine
Thing, Hulk
Thor, Avengers
Silver Surfer, Sabretooth
Nick Fury, Dracula
Hercules, Black Widow
Galactus, Mr Fantastic
Masters of Evil, SHIELD
Warriors Three, Dragon Man


Hard Cover with368 pages of master creator and legendary artist John Buscema! Still factory sealed in plastic.