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Marvel Visionaries Roy Thomas #HC1

volume 1issue # HC1

published in 2006 by Marvel Comics

cover price: $34.99condition: NM

genre(s): Super-Hero, Horror, Suspense

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writer(s):  Roy Thomas

penciller(s):  John Romita Jr, George Perez
John Buscema, Butch Guice
Neal Adams, Marie Severin
Herb Trimpe, Gil Kane
Gene Colan, Tom Sutton
Jim Mooney, Stan Goldberg
Don Heck, Frank Robbins
Barry Windsor Smith, Alan Lee Weiss

cover artist(s):  John Buscema

character(s):  Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel
Hulk, Thor
Avengers, X-Men
Inhumans, Iron Man
Sub-Mariner, Black Panther
Vision, Dracula
Black Widow, Ant-Man
Ultron, Sunfire
Millie The Model, Black Knight
Invaders, Living Laser


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