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Uncanny X-Men #370

volume 1issue # 370

published in 2000 by Marvel Comics

cover price: $1.99condition: NM

genre(s): Super-Hero

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writer(s):  Terry Kavanagh, Alan Davis

penciller(s):  Adam Kubert

cover artist(s):  Adam Kubert

character(s):  Captain America, Angel
Captain Marvel, Thing
Hulk, Thor
X-Men, Daredevil
Beast, Iron Man
Vision, Adam Warlock
Havok, Kraven The Hunter
Nova, Galactus
Medusa, Scarlet Witch
Hobgoblin, Dr Octopus
Mr Fantastic, Quicksilver
Gladiator, Skrulls
Abomination, Corsair


Includes an uncut set of 2 "Marvel Milk" collectible trading cards. Daredevil and Venom.