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Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #602

volume 1issue # 602

published in 1996 by Gladstone Publishing Ltd

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genre(s): Disney, Duck

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writer(s):  Carl Barks, Don Rosa
Jan Kruse, William Van Horn
Frank Reilly, Carl Von Beuttner
Webb Smith

penciller(s):  Carl Barks, Paul Murry
Don Rosa, Gil Turner
William Van Horn, Floyd Gottfredson
Freddy Milton, John Ushler

cover artist(s):  Don Rosa

character(s):  Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge
Mickey Mouse, Beagle Boys
Magica de Spell, Huey Dewey and Louie


Giant sized - 68 pages. Stories: "The Treasury of Croesus" part 2, "The Year That Was 1936", "Sword in the Stone", "Blaggard Castle", "The Woes Garden", plus a series of 1 or half pagers.

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