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Walt Disney Comics Digest #31

volume 1issue # 31

published in 1971 by Western Publishing Company Inc (Gold Key)

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genre(s): Kids, Disney, Duck

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writer(s):  Carl Barks, Don Christensen
Del Connell, Robert Schaefer
August Lenox, George Stallings
Eric Friewald

penciller(s):  Carl Barks, Paul Murry
Dick Moores, Harvey Eisenberg
Pete Alvarado, August Lenox

cover artist(s): 

character(s):  Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge
Mickey Mouse, Gyro Gearloose
Chip n Dale, Super Goof
Ludwig Von Drake, Huey Dewey and Louie
Tinker Bell, Peter Pan
Captain Hook


164 pages! Many credits unknown. Includes the 32 page story "Captain Hook and the Buried Treasure".

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